during your massage

You will always be covered with warm sheets and a blanket, and only the area being worked on is uncovered at a time.

Soothing music is also played during your treatment.

For most techniques a natural massage cream is used, which is beneficial to your skin without clogging pores. For some techniques, oil is used, and for others, no lubricant is used at all.

Make yourself comfortable and relax! Most people just close their eyes and relax during their session, while others choose to chat. This is your massage session, so whatever feels best to you is your way to relax! Please do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

Massage on healthy tissue feels good. A session usually begins with gentle pressure and strokes to calm your nervous system and to begin releasing muscle tension.  Gradually, the massage becomes deeper to address specific areas. Working in an area of chronic pain and/or injury may cause some discomfort at first, which usually lessens within the first few minutes.

It is very important to communicate during your session, as I will always adjust my work according to your comfort.